Sports Betting Financial Strategies

22:12 12.09.2022

Now let's talk about how to determine the size of the bet and quickly achieve the profit we want, losing as little money as possible.

Flat betting strategy

The simplest financial betting strategy is Flat. The bottom line is that we fix some amount and bet only on it, not a penny more or less. Have you chosen one hundred rubles? So, under any circumstances, we put exactly one hundred rubles.

Fixed income strategy

This is Flat on the contrary: we fix not how much to spend, but how much to earn. For example, if we want to get one hundred rubles from each bet, then the size of the bet is determined by the formula 100?(coefficient?1). If the odds are 2.77, we must bet 100?(2.77?1)=56.5 rubles. Download the Apk file to play in the bookmaker.

At a distance, the profit from this strategy will be more stable than from a regular flat. However, since it is not progressive, in order to recoup and earn, you will either have to choose a high and risky odds, or make several similar bets in a row at a low odds, and this is always a dead end.

Fixed percentage of the starting bank

We replenish the account in the office, count off some percentage from the bank, remember this amount and now we bet only on it. If the pot goes up or down, we still bet the same amount.

We advise you to count no more than 5%, preferably 1-3%.

Fixed percentage of the total pot

We regularly bet, win and lose, so our pot is constantly changing. For each new bet we spend some percentage of it: for example, 3%. If the bank is now three thousand, we bet one hundred rubles. If there are three six hundred on the account, we bet one hundred and eighty. Therefore, this type of flat is also called a floating percentage.

Miller's strategy
The strategy rules are simple:
We bet 1% of the initial bank;

We bet only on equivalent outcomes with a coefficient of 1.9 or more: even or odd, the victory of one of the tennis players, the total as from the Total Express gaming strategy;

When the size of the pot increases by 25%, we recalculate the flat so that 1% is already of the new amount.

To earn money according to the Miller strategy, it is necessary that a little more than half of the bets go through, how much depends on the coefficient. This is the problem: even if we win half, which is already a good indicator for the players, the gain will be very small.

Catching up strategy

The meaning is this: if the bet does not go through, the size of the next one should be such as to recoup and earn extra money. If we lose again, we continue to increase the amount until we win.

Catching up can be called a win-win sports betting strategy, because sooner or later the chosen outcome will play, and we will win back and earn even more. Only a small bank and bookmaker limits can prevent this, so before starting catch-up bets, you need to find out what the bookmaker’s limits are.

d'Alembert method

The method, or d'Alembert principle, is also called progressive catch-up. The algorithm of actions in it is as follows:

We choose the size of the initial bet, it is called "one";
We put on a coefficient of at least 2;
If the bet does not pass, we add one unit to the amount of the next one;
If the bet passes, we bet one unit less for the next one. For example, we bet one hundred rubles - we lose, then two hundred, three hundred - finally we win. So next time we spend two hundred rubles.

The d'Alembert method is similar to the Martingale win-win strategy, but the amount of the bet does not grow so quickly in case of defeat, so at first the limits are not terrible.

However, the initial amount only increases, so a large pot is needed with both d'Alembert and Martingale, while a long series of losses leads to losses.


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